Forklift Consignment In Bryan, TX

KMC Forklift gets 100's of requests for used forklifts and are always looking to help. So we have come up with a program that you can consign your forklift for sale by KMC Forklift.

Here's how it works.

  1. Tell us what you have to sell.
  2. We arrive at a selling price that works for both parties.
  3. You send us pictures of the unit and a condition report.
  4. We begin the process of selling it.
  5. Forklift never leaves your location until it is sold and paid for.

We do all the work of selling and in some cases financing your forklift. All you do is have the unit ready for delivery. It's simple and, best of all, it leaves you free to run your business and lets us do what we do best: selling forklifts.