Rental Purchace Option in Bryan, TX

KMC offers an easy Rent To Own option for needed equipment while remaining flexible to changing needs. Under our Rental Purchace Option, we can deliver any needed equipment to get you going, you will own the equipment as of the last month of your term.  During the term we service and maintain the equipment like any other equipment you own, and 80% of your monthly rate goes towards ownership. After 6 months you will have an early buy out option that lowers each month until the end of the term. Usually 24-48  months. Any time during the term if your needs change, you can return or exchange the unit, and you can begin again with the replacement equipment. If you need to return or exchange for any reason, there is no termination charge or penalty. It will be treated as though you simply rented the unit from the begining. The only diffrence is since full ownership is the purpose and outcome of this offering, you are responsibile for service and repair, and we are providing an easy path to ownership. Our Rental Purchace Option can be converted to a lease upon bank approval, any time after 6 months, and the same 80% of the monthly rate with apply to final purchace price.  We include rental protection coverage that protects both you and KMC from loss, theft, or damage to the equipment, with low rates and a low deductiable of 10% of the current value or $2000 whichever is less. You also have the option of providing your insurance and we will remove the protection plan once a COI is provided naming KMC as loss payee.  Full Terms are Here

Reach out today and we can get you going.